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Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Get Free Home Business Leads

This blog post is really a test, a test to see if it will show up on at least the 2nd page of Google, for the phrase How to get free home business leads.  And the majority of this post will be information I pull from Articles.  If you find this post, please leave a comment below, good or bad, it will help you get traffic, I think it’s called linking or pingback.

Here are the articles for How to get free home business leads.

Dramatically Increase Free Home Business Leads On Your Blog!
By []Dev S Khalsa
More free home business leads anyone?
If you are using a blog to market your business I can show you a super cool and easy way I used to dramatically increase the number of FREE home business leads I was getting.
Do I have your interest?

Before I start I need to explain something. I have a passion for WordPress blogs. It’s not just that they are free and so easy to use, the real reason I like WordPress so much is that Google loves WordPress. The instant I post a new entry it is immediately visible on Google’s search engines. And WordPress has literally thousands of useful and amazing plugins – ones that can bring you a lot of free home business leads!

Increase Your Free Home Business Leads With A WordPress Popup

So if you are not already using a WordPress blog, get yourself one now. The easiest way to install one is to go the cpanel of your website (usually at Look for a utility called Fantastico. Click on it and inside you will see WORDPRESS. Click there and then in the next window click on NEW INSTALLATION. The slower way to install it is to go to the WordPress site, download it and then install it manually by using a free FTP client like FileZilla or my favorite, Cyberduck.

So now you now have your own WordPress blog. The next step to free home business leads is to install a plugin called WP Super Popup. Go to your WordPress back office, scroll down and on the left you will see PLUGINS, and just below it, ADD NEW. Click here. In your new window type in WP SUPER POPUP and press SEARCH PLUGINS. WP Super Popup will appear in the next window. Click on INSTALL NOW. Then click on ACTIVATE PLUGIN.

Now you have to design your popup and there are a number of ways to go here. You can use your lead capture page to start with. Lead capture pages are ready-made when you join any number of lead generation systems. I use one called MLSP. Using a browser that allows you to view source code (try Firefox) go to your lead capture page and in the menu at the top click on VIEW and below on PAGE SOURCE. Select all the html code that appears in the next window and copy it. If you don’t have a capture page you can still create a text only popup. Skip to STEP 6.

Now you will need to use an HTML editor. I used a free one called NVU that I downloaded on the internet. Once in NVU look at the bottom and click on SOURCE. If you now see any code on the next page, delete it all. Then paste all the code you copied from your lead page in step 3. This code will contain all the information that connects to your autoresponders. Now click on PREVIEW (at the bottom of the page in NVU) and on that page you can edit out everything you don’t want on your popup. At the minimum you will want a header text and the form for filling in name, email and optionally, a phone number. Once you have completed editing, SAVE your document. It will look something like “yourfilename.html”.

Now you will need to upload your document to your website. I usually use a free program called an FTP client, like Cyberduck or FileZilla. You can also do this within your cpanel in the back office of your website by using FILE MANAGER. Your.html document is now on your website and can be accessed directly on the internet by typing in

Now the last step to free home business leads, adjusting the settings for your new plugin. Go into your WordPress back office. Below and on the left you will see SUPER POPUP. Click there. There are quite a few variables like how often to show the popup, its height and width, or whether you just want a simple text message. For the moment find POPUP CONTENT LOAD MODE. Now you will paste the web address of your newly designed content (
This one strategy immediately doubled my free home business leads. []Watch the video of the above article. Dev Khalsa became a maverick network marketer the day he first beat out 30,000,000 internet sites and got 3 listings on the 1st page of Google. Read his article on []how to install WordPress Super Popup.
Article Source: [!&id=5978502] Dramatically Increase Free Home Business Leads On Your Blog!
How to Get FREE Home Business Leads That Rock!
By []Robbie Tod Johnson
“Impossible!”, you say, “Nothing is free.” But free home business leads are possible if know what to do. If you’ve been in the home business industry for very long, or even if you haven’t, you probably have tried various strategies to get more leads for your home business opportunity, but with limited success. Most people, me included, have gone to their warm market, bought business cards, maybe put a few ads in the local newspaper or even tried Craigslist to get more leads. Although this has worked for a few people, for the majority out there that hasn’t been the case. Which frustrates a lot of people who are in the home business industry.
It’s not your fault

Most people follow their sponsor or their companies “path to success” and when they don’t get the expected results, they beat themselves up. Eventually they ask their upline leader what else can they do to get more leads. They tell them to either buy them from a home business lead company or advertise. Both of these options can be very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing and how to do it. But the bottom line is that most people starting out don’t have that extra cash flow to do these things.

There is a reason why I like free home business leads more than anything else but I will share that with you later. And it’s not just because they are free.
More Time Than Money

Now there are a couple things you should be aware of, in regards to these free leads. It takes time and a tiny bit in start up costs. And I mean tiny. Considering the cost of good quality leads, about $3.50 or more, you can get set up for less than 10 leads.

First, the set up, since I know you are wondering what the costs are. You need an autoresponder that you have control over the database. If you don’t know what that is that’s okay. I will show you later, but for now just know you absolutely need one. Aweber and Get Response are the most popular but there are probably others. (You can get a free trial by going to my blog.)
I am now going to outline the simple steps to generating free leads:
1. Create content related to your target market. Center it around phrases commonly used in your niche, such as Home Business Success or MLM Training. Content can be anything that brings value or answers a question of your prospective lead, like an article or how to video.

2. Distribute that content online to public sites like YouTube, and article directories.
3. As people see your stuff they click on your associated links. That takes them to a lead capture page. It is simply a page where they leave their name and email in exchange for something of value, like a newsletter to their email inbox. That is why I like Aweber is that you can have them host your capture page which is pretty cool. They have tutorials on how to set it up within the program.
That’s it! You now have a free lead!

Now I said I would tell you why I like these leads better than anything else. First consider what you get when you buy a lead. Depending on the lead source you get a list of 50 or more individuals who opted in somewhere to receive some information, hopefully for you, on building a home business.You would think they would be ecstatic. However, most of them are just curious and not serious. And they only recognize you as someone who wants them to part with their money. So you spent money on someone who will not likely join your opportunity.

So besides the fact that the method described above is absolutely free, you don’t care about the curious until they actually do something like opt-in for your free newsletter. The curious will actually help you in this respect also by clicking on your content and resource links.
But the main reason I love this so much is that you get high quality leads that are actually looking for an opportunity. If you would like more information on this subject, go to the resource box below and click on the links there.

Robbie Johnson is a Home Business coach. Get more information on Free Home Business Leads [] for Free.

Discover the 2 principles I use for generating []Free Home Business Leads in this video.

Article Source: [!&id=4799633] How to Get FREE Home Business Leads That Rock!
3 Tips on Generating Free Home Business Leads Fast

By []Dave Beck
When starting out in a business, especially a home business, you will need to learn how to fuel your business by generating your own leads. I want to explain how you can generate your own free home business leads fast.

Most people usually start on a budget so I know that most paid options can be a bit intimidating and cause a lack of focus on the main objective which you are trying to accomplish…generate free home business leads.

So what I have done in the past to build my business from scratch and be able to generate free home business leads was…

1. Form Marketing- Is a free strategy when done right can really pay off over and over again and again. All you have to do is find 3 to 5 forums, sign up, and post 3 to 5 times in each forum everyday. This is such an easy process that does not require any money or a lot of time and can get you a ton of free home business leads.

2. Article Marketing- What are you doing right now…reading an article right? Well why not take the advantage of creating articles and distributing them to article directories to generate free home business leads daily. Another strategy when done correctly will pay off for the rest of time.
Important Tip- This one strategy alone generates most of my leads for my business everyday. Article marketing is a free strategy as well and is so powerful that I recommend everyone to be doing it.
3. Video Marketing- Is yet another free strategy that is really changing the way we promote ourselves through our marketing efforts on the internet. A lot of marketers are using this strategy to generate []home business leads with ease and be able to take their business to the next level for the cost of nothing.

I would personally take the time to master one strategy at a time and then move on to the next when you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

If you want to learn more about how to generate free home business leads for yourself and to set up a major cash sucking empire that deposits everything to your bank account. Then read and follow the instructions in the resource box below now.

Learn The Secrets To Creating Your Own Internet Network Marketing Empire Starting Today, And How To Generate Free Leads For Life Without Ever Having A Website. Free Report Reveals All…
Go Here: []

Article Source: [] 3 Tips on Generating Free Home Business Leads Fast

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